What You Should Know About Us!!

Our Family:

We are fine art portrait and wedding photographers based in Laramie, Wyoming who also travel throughout Wyoming and Colorado including Cheyenne, Denver, Casper, Rawlins, and Fort Collins.

Our specialty is to document LIFE and the beautiful story it tells by creating UNIQUE and EMOTIVE portraiture that resembles a fine art painting. Our goal is to create portraits that are genuine, timeless, creative, and that portray the beauty of human connection and love between families and couples. We believe a professional portrait session shouldn’t be difficult or time consuming and focus on providing excellent customer service & a stress-free experience to our clients from start to finish. We understand the VALUE in documenting your families MEMORIES and offer boutique-style artwork that will be treasured for a lifetime!

As parents to three active and sweet small boys, Damon and Tessa know how fast little ones grow and change. They have come to realize the VALUE these wonderful moments, details, and milestones hold and believe that portraits of their children and family are elements that will only grow more meaningful and priceless to them as time goes on. It’s the only way to really capture “time in a bottle.”

About Tessa:

Tessa studied German in college and her time in Europe left her with a true love and appreciation for classical artwork and paintings which can often be seen in her photography.  She tends to shoot for the mood and emotion in a scene, and loves to invoke romance, a touch of whimsy and a fine art fashion edge into her images.

Tessa loves to cook and bake in the beautiful European style kitchen that Damon built for her and together they enjoy entertaining friends and family regularly.  Their home often smells of cookies baking and coffee brewing!  She is sometimes guilty of pressing the ALL CAPS key too often, adding a few too many !!!, and usually has her own private stash of European CHOCOLATE!

About Damon:

Damon is a graduate of the Art Institute of Denver and brings over 10 years of commercial art experience to his photography.  He prefers to shoot closeups and specializes in “seeing” a painting in the world around him and translating that to his images.

Damon loves to fly fish in the summer and ice fish in the winter.  He is helping to raise another generation of avid fishermen through their children!

How to Contact: 

We are currently booking one-two months ahead, please BOOK EARLY as dates are limited!

CONTACT by PHONE: 307.399.1295 or

EMAIL: dreaminghollowphotography@gmail.com to find out about availability and how we can document your families precious memories!

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