Mother. Wife. Artist. Dreamer.

I am a wife of almost 15 years and a mother of three boys and I find life to be busy but in the best way possible.  

Becoming a mother has been one of the most amazing and powerful experiences of my life.  I didn't get to grow up with my mom so I have always appreciated the relationships between parents and children. Documenting those deep emotions for clients has been so very enriching and therapeutic to me! 

As I get older, I have found that it is TRULY the best feeling ever when you take time to appreciate the ones who love you and stop trying to impress the ones who don't.  

I know it is cliche' to say but learning to see beauty in everyday moments, to notice a sunbeam falling just so on the gleam of wood, the smell of coffee in the morning, the way my son smiles at me in the car on the way to cello lessons, it's truly what makes life so very meaningful and rich!

My interest in photography started while attending college in Germany.  The old renaissance masters have had a profound influence on my style.  When starting my business years ago, I loved the idea of being commisioned by clients, just like the old masters, to create inspiring, painterly, larger-than-life portraits.  


We are fine art family, maternity, pregnancy, child, baby, and senior, graduate picture photographers based in Laramie who also travel throughout Wyoming and Colorado.